How to Download Video Online

The fast and easiest method is to use an website app like

At first, you should check whether the supported websites are included by the app you choose

General steps as below:

Click and get into the video you are going to watch

  1. Copy the full video link


2. Paste the link in the blank box


3. Click download. It will always take a second for video analysis.


4. Cick the format and resolution you want to save as, and it will redirect to the normal browser's video player


5. Right click the video and click save video as, and it will be downloaded to your device. The same job if you want to download to music.


Four ways to download video:

  1. Use Chrome developer mode. If you use Chrome, press F12 or right click to go to inspect element, check "Networks Tab", click "Media" tag in filter row, and click "Play" button on the player. Open the link in the networks tag in New tab. A video will open in normal browser's player. Then right click the on the video and "Save" to your local device. It is a complicated method, though you don't need to use any software and it is quite safe. However, the fact is many sites expecially social platfrom probably forbid it or hide the feature so when you press F12 you may just see an interface like "you are not allowed to use the developer mode".
  2. Online video downloader. The best reason to choose to download video online is that most of the service is free. You don't need to download a software. People hates to software as they try lots of ways to guide you to pay and it's not good for saving the device space. However, as the service is always free, most of them including ads since they need ads fees to keep the sites running. It is not a small cost on both time and money to maintenance a site.
  3. Video download software for Desktop, Android, IOS. They charge for the service but they offers more supported websites and output formats. They are almost perfect. The only matter is that if you are willing to pay for more features.
  4. Open source code like yt-dl. It is free and clean and it is perfect if you have some technology knowledge, or you will be stuck in the configuration for a long time
  5. Browser extension. You can add video download extrension to your browser like Chrome. But most of them will failed to recorgnize the video on current page.

3 free websites to download video online:


It is a new but great online video downloader. You can use it totally for free. Currently, it supports 40+ websites and multi options for media quality and formats. It helps analyze and download video in an extremely fast speed, which is not like some other tools that take serveral minutes to analyze link before you can download the media. Once you have some video do download online, you just need to make 3 clicks on the site to save the things you want.



It's another powerful tool to save video online which supports more websites. You can download video from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Tiktok to mp4, mp3, etc. with it. It is a freeware so that you're free to explore more features of it. What's more, it offers some options for people who want desktop version and basic edit features.



In order to download video to Webm and FLV, then you perhaps need this tool. Most of other video downloaders just support mp4 output. Although mp4 is the best option for most of users, it provides more options to meet more needs. It is a free and easy to use tool.


Is it legal to download video online?

We should consider it on two aspects. For personal use, it is obviously legal but if you download it for commercial use, it is illegal. Although it is legal but you should know that video maker benefits from the original video. They get revenue like advertisement fee in the video and they sell the online traffic to advertiser. If you download it for offline watching, the payouts they get will be down.


Watching video offline is really great since there is no video ads, no video freezing and you can watch it any time even without internet network. You don't need to worry about that the video will blocked and be not exist someday.

It is pretty convenient to download video online since you don't need to switch to the desktop and wait for the software open. Try right now!